about_backingWhy take guitar lessons from Ricardo Cobo?

  • 40 Years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the guitar repertoire
  • Extensive and personal experience with many living composers of the Americas
  • Guitar lessons are personally customized to benefit the skill level and goals of each student
  • Guitar lessons will reflect fingering secrets, customized score markings, tempo and stylistic markings, phrasing and dynamics
  • Guitar lessons can be taught in English or Spanish, or both
  • Ricardo plays generous demonstrations of guitar technique
  • Ricardo is articulate and detailed in his description of concepts and examples
  • Ricardo is able to sight-read and play numerous examples of mainstream rep.
  • All lessons are personally planned by Ricardo in advance with care and attention to detail based on individual students needs and desires
  • Ricardo always has a guitar in hand when teaching
  • Worldwide guitar lesson access from anywhere via Skype

Guitar Lesson Options Available:

  • Classical Guitar
  • Spanish Guitar
  • Solo Guitar
  • Concert Guitar
  • Classic Guitar
  • Nylon String Guitar
  • Latin American Music
  • Warm Up Techniques
  • Right Hand Technique
  • Tone Production
  • Rhythmic Training
  • Hand Physiology
  • Guitar Speed Practice
  • Customized Practice Routines
  • Principles of Efficient Muscle Function
  • Classical Music
  • Music Theory
  • Sight Singing
  • Ear Training
  • Memorizing Music
  • Music Conducting
  • Orchestration
  • Sight Reading
  • Lead Sheet Reading
  • Music Sheet Reading
  • Music Performance Coaching
  • Guitar Audition Playing
  • College Audition Preparation
  • Music Performance Anxiety
  • Visualization

Guitar lessons are available on these days and times:

  • Fridays, 10:00am – 3:00pm Pacific Time
  • Saturdays, 1:00pm – 4:00pm Pacific Time

1 Hour Lesson with Ricardo   $120.00 USD       
2 Hour Lesson with Ricardo   $240.00 USD       
3 Hour Lesson with Ricardo   $360.00 USD       
4 Hour Lesson with Ricardo   $456.00 USD         5% Discount
8 Hour Lesson with Ricardo   $864.00 USD         10% Discount
12 Hour Lesson with Ricardo  $1320.00 USD      One Lesson Extra
Would you like to purchase more than 4 guitar lessons from Ricardo?  Please contact Ricardo with your inquiry of how many lessons you would like by visiting the contact page.

For parents and Clark County High School students: Please inquire about my scholarship student rates here.